Welcome To LNI EIKON Plastic Roto Moulded Tanks for water storage purpose with Strong In Quality with Weight & Thickness As well Right Combination of the Plastic LLDPE & HDPE Materiel . Custom Moulder Manufacturing Fuel Tanks , Pontoons And Customer Demand Products.

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4 Layer Plastic Tanks white

EIKON PLASTIC WATER Storage Tanks In 4 Layer White Color EIKON Heavy Tanks With Weight & Thickness & UV stabilised LLDPE Rotomoulded Tanks with 10 Year Warranty Sizes From 500ltr To 10000ltr capacity .

Conical Tanks

Plastic Conical Tanks Are used for Water & Chemical for the Processing Industries .it Comes with LLDPE & HDPE Material according to use with High Thickness .The Shapes of the Tank is conical General Come in Black Color

ISI Plastic Tanks

ISI Plastic Tanks are used for Many Private & Govt. Projects for Storage water according to Use for the Storage water as Per Certification .ISI Tanks Certified By GOVT.It Is used for storage water FOOD Grade Material with standard with Weight .

Plastic Tanker Transport Water & Fuel

Plastic Tanker & Spayer using Many Industries For Transport Water fuel , Chemical , Slurry HDD Mud mixing Tanks. High Thickness Good Quality Heavy Tank Food Grade


3 Layer Blue EIKON Plastic Tanks

EIKON Plastic water storage Tanks are heavy available in Triple Layer With Good Quality Weight & Thickness Long Life . Triple Layer Tank Good Three Layer Blue , Black & Sky Blue with Heavy LLDPE Material

Plastic Septic Tanks

Plastic Septic Tanks are used for Toilets in the short time Period any can Install the Plastic Septic Tanks. Heavy In Quality durable & Essay to install .Now Days septic Tanks are very Important for Make Hygienic Lekage Proof Septic Tanks



EIKON LOFT TANKS Plastic Water storage Tanks are available In Indoor & Outdoor Type Also and Size From 200ltr To 1000ltr In Squre Type in LLDPE Virgin Material .It Available in Indoor & Outdoor Natural & Black Color .In LLDPE Material

Cool Cover For Plastic Tanks

Cool Cover Is used For the Maintain Tanks Water Cool & Increse Life Of the Tanks .Is used for Homes ,Hotels , Poultry Industries Maintain water Cool In Summer Cool cover is used in various industries for make cool Temperature water & Warehouse

Our Service

Custom Plastic Rotational Moulding

Custom Moulding Servises on the Job Basis .According to Customer Need we Manufacturing Export Grade Products . make . Our Following Design , Mould , R& D , Mass Productions ..

3D Printing & Prototype

One of the Advance Services we Providing the 3D Printed Jobs & Prototypes .3D Printing is Time & Cost Effective for Development of any Products In Several hour you are able to See the Sample of your Imagined Designed ..

R & D

We have 25 years R& D Experience in Technical & advance tools we will make R & D On Different type New Development Products .In Plastic R & D Possible To Convert you FRP , MS , Steel Products in to Plastic . In agriculture , industrial , water , Different Sector.

Consulting New Plastic Products Development

We also Provide Consulting for New Plastic Products Development From Start to End we use our Latest Knowledge For We Gives Material , Process and improvement Consultant for Roto Moulding ..

PP Lining For Chemical Fittings

In Rotomoulding we Providing the PP Lining Fittings For Chemical Pipe & Fitting for Make Chemical Resistant .In That Benefits of that Long Life chemical & Rustproof .Used For ETP STP ,Sugar , chemical Industries.

Custom Fabricated Tanks

We are also Providing the Custom Fabricated Tanks for chemical Tanks & Processing Industries with Fittings . In that According Customer Design we Make the Tanks.


Abhijeet Raul

We are Buy Tanks Form Laxmi Narayan Industries Special Material Diesel Plastic Tanks 5000ltr For Storage Tanks For Multiply Location Jaipur , Maharashtra for Different Tanks Very Strong Tanks given By EIKON Tanks with Time Line With Minimum Cost In timely Delivery . i will Suggest EIKON Plastic Tanks For Speciality who Want Quality with Perfect Material in For Specific Reason for water & Chemical .it Good Experience working with EIKON . EIKON TANKS Trusted Vendor we can believe for COST Time & Quality With Innovative Thinking Idea .

Sebestian Pereira

Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd

As per our Requirement the LAXMI NARAYAN INDUSTRIES EIKON PLASTIC TANKS Tanks Made R & D And Made HDD Machine Mud Mixing Tanks 4000ltr for Our Project Made successfully . With our Time & Budget with Best Quality .it is Great Experience working with LNI company . We will Suggest for New Development of Plastic Tanks for Good Quality .

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